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A diet and weight loss program.

I signed up for this service on June 6th, 2008. This service was for a 7 day trial in which should cancel within 7 days I would not be charged any fees.

Subsequently 7 days later on the 13th I canceled for my own reasons.

4 Days later they charged my card $65 dollars.

3 days later I learned of the issue.

I contacted them using their online email support form and asked for a credit as I canceled trial according to their own terms. I was rudely told that I joined on the 5th and that the trial ended on the 11th. They use a fuzzy math which is flawed.

Of course I have the Welcome email dated 06/06/2008 in which they did not even acknowledge. I of course pointed out that their math was flawed and their date was wrong and that by their own terms they should not have charged me and should give me my $65.00 credit.

They went on to say I canceled to late for the 7 day trial cut off and that they actually give me 8 days in which to cancel. Of course they have not given me my credit so again they lie as I did indeed cancel in time for 7 and 8 days.

All attempts at getting a credit under the terms of their trial contract failed. All attempts at using math and logic to get a credit failed, they are a rip-off.

Do not sign up to this program using the trial, it is a rip off. They are a scam to get your money as they do not honor their own terms.

They will now get to deal with my Financial Institution.



Campton, New Hampshire


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I found the site excellent and everyone I spoke with was very helpful.

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